In addition to accommodation, we offer a wide range of services and ways to enjoy and relax in Lapland’s nature for summer and winter to ensure the comfort of our customers.

In addition, there is a hut that can accommodate up to 20 people in an atmosphere by the campfire.

Lots of heat if needed We visit regardless of time and weather.


In winter, nature and air are at their purest and therefore worth enjoying. Regardless of the frost and the amount of snow, you can experience unforgettable moments with winter activities.

We will be happy to help you plan a unique experience.


Trails are right next to the cottages and are partially lit. There is up to 30 km of trails.

  • Ski rental 15€ / day
  • Max 5h / 10€


Snowshoeing allows you to easily explore the pristine snowy forest and climb to the top of the forested hills to see spectacular scenery and perhaps northern lights.

  • Snowshoe rental 15€/day
  • Max 5h/10€

Ice fishing

in winter, the ice in Lapland is thick and allows fish to be fooled. We are happy to advise on places where you can try your luck with fish. We will provide the tools if needed and if you need a guide included then ask for a price.

Reindeer Safaris

Lapland includes reindeer and reindeer herding is also an industry for many. Through us you can book reindeer safaris / reindeer farm visits to an awesome traditional reindeer farm. There you will experience a great service and see what reindeer herding really is.

The 3H safari includes: you get to try out how reindeer herders catch reindeer in the swamp. you get to harness your own reindeer in front of the sledge yourself. It is safe to ride a reindeer and you can enjoy the forest landscape. The speed doesn’t get too fast either, even though racing reindeer can run over 60km / h. Halfway through, you stop by the campfire to enjoy small savory and sweet treats. If you are lucky, you will see the Lapland bird which is Siberian Jay and it s said to bring happiness and luck if you see one. You feed your own reindeer with lichen, of course.
Reindeer love to run and pull a sled. Duration 3 hours. 

Price 100 € / adult 50 € child (under 12 years)

You can take a short ride on a about 2 km reindeer ride.

Price 60 € adult 40 € child (under 12 years)

At the reindeer farm you can see the right reindeer farm and feed the reindeer, and you can also order something to eat from there and shop for souvenirs.

Reindeer farm visit 25 € / person

Husky Safari

Do you love dogs? if you answered yes this is your dream. Many dozens of dogs are waiting for you. Huskies love to run and pull a sleigh. There is no lack of momentum here. You will get to see the beautiful scenery and enjoy the ride with professional guides.

5H safari includes lunch and coffee 340 € / person

3H safari includes coffee / tea in the hut for 155 € / adult child (under 12) 95 €

7km Safari for 120 € / adult 75 € child (under 12 years old)

Kennel visit 40 € / person

If you need something more or something else you can always ask us. We want to make your holiday perfect. We will be happy to tell you where you can visit the surrounding area, where to visit and what to experience.


Summer is a time for fishermen and hikers. The Tornionjoki River, which flows in our vicinity, offers experiences in the form of salmon fishing and shore fishing. There are also great hiking trails in and out of the field.

We offer our customers the opportunity to purchase fishing permits on site.


You can rent a salmon rowing boat from us and the price includes:

  • Boat
  • Engine + 10l petrol (Excess petrol will be charged separately)
  • Two rowing benches
  • Rod holder
  • Two oars
  • Bailer
  • Floating vests
  • Lifting Hook



  • Bookings for less than 3 days 75 € / day
  • Bookings over 3 days 70 € / day


Lapland hut

Other In addition, our customers have free access to a Lapland hut, which can accommodate up to 20 people in an atmosphere with family, friends or other cottagers by the campfire.

We can also rent a hut for various occasions. ( Ask more)

Hot tub

You can enjoy the hot tub by booking it in advance with us. Our hot tub can accommodate 6-8 people at a time. Imagine the moment when the frost bangs on the trees and walls, you sit in +38 degree water and the northern lights flare above you. Price. 100 €